When eating vegan
gets everyone on board!












Our Products

To keep it short and yummy, we provide an alternative to meat, which is crunchy at the outside and soft on the inside!

More concretely, our vegan products are 100% natural, gluten free and full of protein and iron.

Sold in three different formats and two flavors, our “treasures” are tailored for all appetites.

At Yumm’eat, no doubts, we do it vegan!

…and this is good news.


Quite naturally, we built up our “mojo” on our love for good food: Taste is what (re)unites people, softly yet efficiently, whether they are meat lovers, veggies or vegans.

Yumm’eat mostly targets B2B clients with natural, gluten- and lactose free products. Moreover, products are made from organic and/or local ingredients. We carefully chose the producers with whom we collaborate – it’s just a matter of (delicious) common sense!

All our products have one thing in common, which gives them their nutritional added value: the leguminous base! Maybe you don’t know those that much but they have yummy, convincing health arguments.

The three existing formats are Burger, Mini-burger and Tapas

In contrast to most veggie or vegan products available in stores, we chose to create a product which is never pre-cooked as much as deepfrozen. The advantages of those choices are summed up easily: it allows us not to put any kind of additives, preservatives or other “ugly stuff” in our products. Yes: 100% natural! And eventually, you also get “the crunchy yet soft experience” by the way it is cooked upon request, right before you eat them!

Here we are, at the core of our adventure, when eating vegan makes everyone agree!

Our two first flavors

When spices turn taste buds upside down…


A “Deluxe Falafel” with its distinct mix of 10 spices 


A subtle blend of Italian herbs and Southern vegetables

Yumm’eat at your Event ?

Want a burger party?

Our partners


At Yumm’eat, we favor local and/or organic ingredients!

Indeed, as ingredients are even prettier when told where they come from, Yumm’eat takes sourcing seriously. We do care about our veggies or herbs, we know our suppliers’ history, quality standards, and passion.


We can already mention Mistros as well as BioNaturels, as suppliers/partners. They both handle organic quality products from Greece. It is tasty, healthy and sustainable… Everything that we love!



Mistros is a 400m-height village located in Eubée, where few hundreds of people live. The Mistros project finds its roots in our Passion for our lands. We want to develop this region, respecting its inhabitants and its Nature.

Cultivated in the Olive trees’ shadow, chickpeas plants naturally fertilize the ground.


BioNaturels works with products which have been grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. We strongly believe that when it comes to Health, farmers are the most important actors in the food chain. For this reason, we collaborate with passionate producers who care about the natural pace of the ground. Each product of our catalogue is BIO-certified, a guaranty for a healthy and tasty diet. We select suppliers on-land, considering human values and production procedures. Herbs, vegetables dried in the sun, premium quality olives…all it takes to delight your taste buds


Our clients

Since we started, we had the opportunity to work with several large companies, those include Engie Electrabel, Ethias, Greenkitchen, as well as some of Brussels’ European Schools.

To name a few “good food establishments”, here is where you can find Yumm’eat in Belgium!


for a trendy bite in the city center

Kanaal – coworking café

for a fabulous ( & serious?!) food break!

Schievelavabo – Forest

for a craving in a “brussels style” location!

Spas- Dilbeek, Londerzeel, Mineraal

for a tasty relaxing moment

We also create events in collaboration with the dynamic team of Boentje Café, a place for quality food and minimum waste. Burger parties, after-works, theme nights… So many opportunities to celebrate sustainable & tasty practices!


The Yumm’eat team

…On the “funny” side

Yasmine is the clown of this duo, playing with accents and perfectly redoing comic skits, one never gets bored! Moreover, if you mention one of her two passions in Life, which are namely food and Roger Federer, you will never hear the end of it. You cannot say we haven’t warned you!

Marie (on the right) is the little food-lover who “gets grumpy” at the second she starts being hungry…if this happens, it is recommended to give her (good!) food to chew on, or be prepared to suffer the consequences! Other than that, she is a lovely person, we promise! She spends time singing songs she writes within minutes, discovering new Belgian beers or meditating.

On the “pro” side…

After having travelled Europe for adventures – and studies, too, let’s be honest; Yasmine and Marie met again in their home town, Brussels, where their friendship started nearly 10 years ago now.

They both ticked the “work as an employee” box but felt that they were looking for something else in their professional lives…As this feeling grew over time, it became crystal clear that they wanted to start the ‘entrepreneurship’ adventure… Yasmine (“smarty-pants”) dug out an old family recipe; Marie (“Taste hunter”) loved it and christened the newborn (company) : Yummy+Eat quite logically turned into Yumm’eat!

Yumm’eat SRL

Rue des anciens étangs, 40
1190 Bruxelles

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